J&W Seafood is a Grower, Packer and Shipper of Chesapeake Bay Oysters. We are one of the largest lease holders of private oyster beds in Virginia with thousands of acres that allows us to harvest year around. In addition to our own leased bottom of wild caught oysters we also purchase oysters available from state regulated beds on the Chesapeake Bay.

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Shell oysters

Oysters are brought into our facility and are constantly monitored (time and temperature). Oysters for the half-shell market are graded according to size.  The product is selected, cleaned and thoroughly washed through a conveyed cold water process.   This product is then packaged into one of many options.

Shell Oyster Products marketed and packaged for point of sale. 

  •  Bushels 
  • 100 Count Boxes 
  •  Custom – Retail Point of Sale 

Shucked oysters

Shucked Oysters are graded into the following meat size. 

  • Standard        
  • Selects      
  • Extra Select        
  • Counts

Shucked Oysters Products marketed and packaged for point of sale 

  •  8 oz. 
  •  16 oz (PET Jar) 
  •  1 Gallon 
  •  1 Gallon Frozen Pillow Pack  
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J&W has a spat on shell program where we take our already shucked shells and introduce oyster larvae in a controlled environment.   These spat covered shells are then deployed onto our oyster beds. This program has seen much success over the last 10 years. 



All of our oyster shells go into the maintaining our private oyster grounds.   This process maintains and sustains our oyster supply year after year.