Our Brands


J&W Seafood


J&W Seafood opened its doors in 1982, our logo today has been at the fore front of our business and represents our commitment to harvesting the best in seafood from the Chesapeake Bay.

Baytop Oysters


The Baytop Oysters logo is representative of our wild caught oyster that is harvested on the historic waters of the York River. The name Baytop comes from the ferry house called The Baytop House and (centrally located to our grounds) dates back to Revolutionary times.



The Crabville logo represents our online presence where we operate a business to consumer eCommerce service.   Delivering quality Chesapeake Bay Seafood to your door is what Crabville offers the seafood enthusiast.

Fishing Bay Brand

The J&W Fishing Bay Brand dates back to the early 80's and is still offered today.

Chesapeake Gold  is one of our signature private label products.   J&W specializes in private label packaging.