Community Support

J&W Seafood is located in Deltaville, Virginia.  Roughly 1,000 people call Deltaville  home.  Our town has supported our business and we support our community 100%.  If you are in Deltaville please be sure to visit these locations.


The Deltaville Community Association is a tax free charitable organization created in 1950.  The DCA serves the Deltaville community in ways that will better the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Created by local residents, the Middlesex Family YMCA provides a welcoming place where people of all ages and walks of life gather to build a stronger community. All programs are designed to develop positive values, self-esteem, and an ethic of service.

Deltaville Maritime Museum

Deltaville Maritime Museum


Our exhibits begin with the creation of the Chesapeake Bay millions of years ago and take you forward to our annual Family Boat Building, where families build a Wright Skiff very much like the skiffs John Wright built here in Deltaville around the 1930's