Fishing Report for 9/6/2018

The Spot bite is still strong and the size and quality is improving. The Spanish mackerel are still hitting the Clark spoons and some fish are 24 inches and larger.  Speckled Trout and Puppy Drum are still hard to find and so are Flounder.   The Cobia are moving south and are getting more difficult to find.   There are a lot of Rockfish schooled up in shallow water and are fun to catch on topwater baits early in the morning.  They won't be legal to keep until October the 4th. 

Fishing Report for 8/21/2018

The Cobia bite is slowing down as they continue to move south but some are still being caught but a lot are under the size limited of 40in. Spanish Mackerel are are still here and  are biting good.  The Spot are being caught at the usual places and are getting  larger. There should be some really nice size fish here in September. The Spade fish are still at The Cell and Wolftrap but a lot are small. Speckled Trout and Puppy Drum are scarce but there are a lot of small Rockfish in the shallow water not legal but fun to catch.

Fishing Report for 7/31/2018

With all the rain and thunderstorms it's been hard to find the right time to safely go Cobia fishing but the Cobia are still getting caught at Windmill Point.   The charter boats are catching Spot in greater numbers and they are getting larger. Spanish Mackerel are still in the area as well as Blue  Fish. Spade Fish are at the Cell and also Wolftrap with some of them reaching from 6 to 8 lbs.

Fishing Report for 6/28/2018

Fishing Report for 6/28/2018 The Spot are bitting good at the usual places in the Rappahannock and Piankatank Rivers. The Cobia bite has continued to improve with several legal fish over 40in being caught. We have heard of some Speckled Trout and Puppy Drum getting caught in the area. Some Spanish Mackerel have been picked up trolling Clark spoons. The cell and Wolftrap are holding a lot of Spade fish especially the Cell. The Tackle Shop @ J&W has all your bait and tackle needs to cover all the spieces of fish named in this report. #deltaville#deltavillefishing #spadefish #spot #cobia #chesapeakebayfishing#spanishmackerel

Fishing Report for 6/21/18

Fishing Report for 6/21/18 Spade Fish are at the Cell and there is a good bite especially on slack tide. The Cobia bite has improved. In the last week we weighed in one Cobia that was 67lb 9oz. The Spot bite is still doing good a lot of #2 fish are getting caught, in both the Rappahannock and Pianakatank rivers. we are well stocked with eels, chum and blood worms also all your tackle needs. #deltaville #deltavillefishing #chesapeakefishing

Fishing Report 6/15/2018

All of the rain we had in May and the first part of June has put so much fresh water in the rivers that it has had a negative effect on  the bottom fishing. The charter boats have had good catches of #2 spot in the mouth of the rapahonac river where there is more salinity.  the Cobia bite continues to improve with several fish over 40in being caught.


Fishing Report 6/7/2018

Fishing Report for 6/7/2018

Water temperatures are pushing 80 degrees and bottom fishing is doing better.  Some of the charter boats are catching #2 Spot. Cobia are at Windmill Bar and some of the fishermen have successful trips with limits of keeper fish over the 40in minimum size limit. At J&W Seafood we have all your salt water fishing needs.

Fishing Report 5/31/2018

Fishing Report

Water temperatures are on the rise which should make for better bottom fishing.  Croaker, Spot and Mullet are getting caught at a good rate but are mostly still small. Cobia Season starts tomorrow, some fish have already been caught, big Red Drum are also in the area. we wrote a citation for a 50 inch Red Drum this week.  The Tackle Shop at J&W Seafood is stocked with all your needs for salt water fishing in this area. We have eels, chum, blood worms, squid, bait shrimp and also a good assortment of tackle  at reasonable prices.

Fishing Report 5/25/2018

Fishing Report

Bottom Fishing is starting to improve. Some small Croaker, Spot and Mullet are getting caught using bloodworms and squid.  We have also heard some Rockfish and Speckled Trout in the shallows casting mirror lures and soft baits.  

There have been reported sightings of some Cobia in the area, we are stocked up on Chum and Eels at the Tackle Shop.  Remember Cobia Season opens June 1st.  Below are regulations that are in place this year courtesy Virginia Marine Resource Commission.

The 2018 recreational cobia regulations are as follows: 40-inch, total length, minimum size limit; 1-fish daily possession limit or 3-fish-daily vessel limit, whichever is more restrictive; only one fish per vessel per day may be greater than 50 inches in total length; an open season of June 1 through September 30; and gaffing is now allowed to land a cobia while fishing recreationally. All anglers, captains, and guides fishing for cobia must obtain a Recreational Cobia Permit from the Commission and report all harvest and cobia fishing activity. Permits can be obtained online here or at an MRC Licensing Agent. Reporting can be done online through the Saltwater Journal or using forms provided by the VMRC.

September 27th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Nice Spot are being caught near Mooring Buoy near the Rappahannock River Bridge. Bait of Choice has been blood worms. Also some 8-10 inch spot are being caught between the Rappahannock River Bridge and Carters Creek.

Some Speckled Trout at various locations on the Rappahannock River using soft baits in shallow waters.

Rockfish Season opens on October 4th.  Be sure to drop into the Tackle Shop @ J&W Seafood where we have in stock all of your Rockfish fishing gear from Stretches, Storm Lures, Umbrella Rigs, Swim Shads and much more.

September 15th, 2017 Fishing Report

Spot fishing is excellent in the Lower Rapp from Carters Creek all the way to the mouth of the Rappahannock.  Catch is ranging from 8 – 10.5 inches.  Bait of choice is blood worms.  A few Speckled Trout and Red Drum are in shallow waters, both are responding to mirror lures and soft baits.   Cobia season ends today.  Congratulations to all the anglers out there that were successful this Cobia Season.

September 7th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Spot fishing has picked up nicely with 8 -9 inch spot being caught in the Rappahannock and at the mouth of the Rappahannock.  The bait of choice has been bloodworms and FishBites.

Cobia fish catch is small.  Remember the Cobia Season ends September, 15th.

A few speckled trout in the Piankatank and off the creeks at Fleets Bay in shallow waters.

Striped Bass season start on October 4th. 2017

August 24th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Several Flounder being caught in the area of Buoy 42 and the Cell.  Trolling seems to be the best method with 24 – 30 oz sinkers using squid and minnows for bait.

Spot bite is improving with large fish showing up on bloodworms and Fishbites.

Spanish Mackerel slowing up but some fish are still being caught in the mouth of the Piankatank River.

Spade fish bite is still on at the Cell. A lot of small fish with big fish mixed in.

Cobia bite has slowed some at Windmill Bar.  Some fish still being caught with a lot of shorts.

August 10th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Cobia still being caught off Windmill Bar, number of shorts but several larger and some citations still being caught.  Cobia being caught on live eels and cut bunker while chumming.

Spanish Mackerel still biting Clarke Spoons and Drones behind #1 Planars and in-line sinkers in the area from Windmill Point to Buoy 41-A.

The Spade Fish bite is still on at the Cell, a lot of small fish with big fish mixed in.   Wolftrap bite is good but mostly small fish.

The charter boat fleet has a good week of bottom fishing. The size of the Spot continues to improve, big #2’s being caught regularly, some Croaker and Mullet mixed in.

August 4th, 2017- Fishing Report

The Spot bite continues to improve with some Croaker & Mullett mixed in while biting on bloodworms.  Spanish Mackerel bite still strong on Clark Spoons & Drone Spoons.  Large Spade Fish being caught at the Cell.  Some Spade Fish being caught at the Wolftrap but smaller.  Flounder bite picking up a bit at Buoy 42.  Cobia bite a Windmill Bar still on but seems to be slowing up.

July 20th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Spot Fishing in the Rappahannock around the mooring buoy and the drop around the mouth of Carters Creek.  Spots are #2, not catching #1 Spot, hoping to see the Yellow Bellies by September.   Croaker and a few Mullett mixed in.

Spanish Mackerel – the bite has improved.  A lot of 20 inch and better fish have been boated between the mouth of the Piankatank and Buoy 41A.

The Cobia bite has improved with bigger fish.  Chumming & Live Eels has been the most successful method with a fish finder rig.

Speckled Trout in shallow water are still highly targeted.   Some small fish are being caught around docks and grass beds and other have managed to catch bigger fish.

July 13th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Cobia fishing is still abundant in the bay and we are still seeing daily consistent catch at Windmill Point Bar.   Live Eels and chum seems to be the bait setup and that is working for most anglers.   On calmer days sight casters are having success.

Anglers have reported that Spanish Mackerel at the mouth of the Rappahannock, Windmill Point and at the Cut Channel.

Spade Fish are being harvested at the Cell, anglers reporting success with Clams.

Spot are still doing well in the Rappahannock and at the mouth of the Piankatank River. Bloodworms are the bait of choice for Spot.

June 30th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Spot, Croaker and .re being caught in the Rappahannock on Bloodworms & Squid.  In addition we have reports of Bluefish being caught on cut-bait.  Cobia are still striking on live eels while chumming and site casting.   Steady catch coming in off Windmill Bar.   Spanish Mackerel are still being brought in by anglers while using Clark Spoons behind #1 or #2 planers.  Looking for Spanish Mackerel from Windmill Point Light to Stingray Point LIght.  Spadefish still being caught at the cell on clam bait.

Good Luck to everyone.

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June 21st, 2017 - Fishing Report

With increasing warmer temps Cobia fishing continues to be excellent inside the bay.  With the winds slowing down this week, look to Windmill Bar for Cobia that are being brought in with live eels and chumming.  Site Casters continue to have success with Cobia.

Spanish Mackerel are here!  We have several anglers report on the Catch of Spanish Mackerel  around Windmill Bar, Fleets Bay  and the mouth of the Rappahannock.  Spanish Mackerel are hitting on Clark Spoons and Drone Spoons.

Spade fish are being caught at the Cell.  Multiple Reports of Spade fish harvested while clam chumming and clams on #2 or #4 hook.

Good Luck to everyone.

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June 13th, 2017 - Fishing Report

Cobia fishing is still wide open.  Anglers are reporting Cobia catch of all size a few keepers meeting the 42 inch requirement.   Cobia still seem to be chasing eels – setup with a chum line.

Spot are starting to bite while bottom fishing with bloodworms.  Good action has been reported off of Gwynn’s Island @ Deep Rock and at the Rappahannock River Bridge & Carters Creek (White Stone Side)

We had anglers still report on speckled trout catch.   Reports from shallow waters in the Piankatank River & Mobjack Bay.  Look for grassy areas in shallow waters while using soft baits and mirror lures.

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