Area 1 Harvest Now Open

What makes Area 1 Unique?

Rappahannock Oysters Now Available!

A higher salinity Oyster with easily distinguished cream or butter and a pleasant slight minerality.


In the state of Virginia public oyster grounds are regulated on a rotational basis.  On Monday October 2nd, the state of Virginia opened up Area 1 on the Rappahannock River.  This area has not been open for 3 years.  Area 1 is the furthest location east on the Rappahanncock as the river empties into the Chesapeake Bay.   Area 1 of the Rappahannock River stretches from Windmill Point to Stingray Point.  We are currently harvesting oysters from Area 1 and the taste profile has been received well by our customers.

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The History of John Smith @ Stingray Point

In June of 1608 Captain John Smith left Jamestown on a voyage to explore the Chesapeake.   On July 17th, 1608 Captain John Smith landed on now what is Stingray Point in Deltaville, Virginia where he was unfortunately stung by a Stingray.   Learn more about this fascinating voyage.